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Garden lushness.

Lush garden.

Nice garden. Somewhere in New Zealand? Nope, a suburb in north London. Could have fooled me …

Seen in Elle Decoration UK, November 2016 issue.

Garden lighting.

Outdoor lighting.

Darkness is moving in so fast it’s scary. On the positive side, it’s an excuse to turn on the light. Indoors and outdoors. Bought this lamp (made for outdoor conditions) as I thought it was a bit different and fun. Then I realised it has the secondary affect of making my garden look like an outdoor lounge … I quite liked that.

Lighting inspiration: Sweet garden.

Konstsmide lighting.

The summer is alive and kicking outside. Third heatwave so far this year. Not bad for being Sweden. Think we’re worth it cause before the onset of heatwaves, this was a unpleasantly cold place.

With heat follows flourishing gardens. Flourishing gardens look great with well-designed lighting schemes. Or just one light in the perfect position. Like here.

Gobo lighting style.

Gobos lighting style.

Been looking around for garden lighting recently. It’s the time of the year. Or is it? We are heading into summer. Are garden lights required in summer? I think so, it’s going to get dark at some point, innit? At least in most parts of the world.

But the right garden lighting is elusive. Can’t quite find what I’m looking for. Then I discovered gobos. I would love to have gobos lighting. Would be perfect for the area I had in mind.

Now. All I have to do is to find a projector. At the right price …

Garden water lighting.

Bruce Munro water lighting design.

Bruce Munro is an English lighting designer with extensive experience, having started out in the lighting business in Australia in the 1980s. Today he is best known for immersive large-scale light-based installations.

In 2001, he squeezed in a design project in the Caribbean involving the illumination of this stunning water feature. Employing submersible directional luminaires work wonders.

Photo seen in Bright Ideas: Professional lighting solutions for your home, Rotovision, 2003.

Glasshouse lighting.

Wallpaper* Camlin furnished glasshouse.

Six hundred and twenty four high-rise apartments are about to be built in London’s Canary Wharf. Each with their horticulturally-considered outdoor space and sky garden.

In the lead-up to construction Wallpaper* Magazine and Camlins architects have created a furnished glasshouse forming a “conceptual preview” of things to come.

I’m thinking that the glasshouse would look rather nondescript if it wasn’t for the lighting.