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A finalised wool project.

jämtland sheep

In 1997 a man went to Australia to investigate the production of organic wool. He came back to the Jämtland region of Sweden with an idea of “why can’t we do that here?”. A few discussions later with contacts in the political sphere it was decided to undertake a Project. In 2002 or thereabouts the involved parties managed to secure some EU funding.

A number of reports were written. A new sheep breed developed, Jämtlandsfåret, that combined wonderfully soft wool with great tasting meat. A win-win sheep in other words.

In 2011 a final report was published. It concluded that it was possible to feasibly produce local wool. Albeit somewhat shakily seen from a competitive global perspective. The report mentioned important people involved and consulted during the project and the great interest shown by the public.

What happens when a project is finalised? In my mind a closed project often means the end of something. Think a house being built and finished. A road being built and finished. And so forth.

In the case of Jämtland wool, two remnants in the shape of websites were left behind. A wool forum – Ullforum – and Design of Jämtland. From what I understand the intention was that they should keep the momentum going. Yet, as we speak, the latter website is no longer active and ullforum.se is some irrelevant static site of use to no one.

I guess my definition of a project wasn’t all that off the mark. Sadly. On the bright side the sheep are still out there …