Two sisters.

Two sisters.

Fascinating photo of two sisters taken in a rural area of Sweden in the early 1930s. Both are dressed in blackish garments – but that is where the similiarities end.

To the left is what look like the older sister. Wearing a hat, long rather blingy necklace with a tassel, a dress with cape collar, long sleeves with buttoned cuffs and what looks like a piping decorated belt at the natural waist. Light stockings and strap court shoes.

To the right the younger sister. Same colour on her dress and almost exactly the same length on the skirt. Otherwise austerity. Trumpet sleeves, dropped-waist line (with something hanging from it), a small brooch just below the collar. Black stockings and black court shoes.

Difference in dress describing difference in personality?

The boy in the back is having a good laugh …

Source. Digitalt Museum.

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